The Sunrise Drama

The top activity at Gunung Bromo is to watch the sunrise, and for me, all the photo ops that go with it. We dutifully woke up at 3 am, donned our multiple jackets (it was cold in the morning!) and set out in the 4WD to the sunrise point. The driver found a spot to park with 100 other jeeps, and asked us to walk the remaining 200m. Uh…uphill of course. And it turns out the 200m is the elevation, NOT the walking distance. After negotiating a bend or two, I was out of breath again. What’s more, the sunlight was starting to show, so there went my opportunity to get some good night shots. Not wanting to waste any more time, I quickly accepted a ride on horseback (quite the veteran now), and was glad because the viewpoint was way up. Souvik the athlete made quick work of that slope on foot, keeping pace with me, the red cap being a good marker.

The mist had rolled in at night, just to add to the drama of the scene. I found my spot, set up the tripod, and clicked away.





The slope that we ascended had this dramatic effect from the mist and the sun’s rays and the dust from the morning traffic.




After we descended and set off on the drive through the caldera, our driver offered (for more money, of course) to take us to the Savannah, a green grassy area just behind Bromo.

I was eager to drive into the mist, and was not disappointed.



The Savannah was a surprising contrast to the Bromo landscape. It seems to me that the drops of dew from the night mist are enough to sustain and grow this vegetation. What a marvel of nature! (I read somewhere that there’s rain too.)



We had to get back for a final glimpse of Bromo naturally, and were delighted by the increased activity of the morning.





The calves ache and the knees creak, but I am game to do the Bromo sunrise again!


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  1. You sure have an eye for photography Aarti. Loved the post.


  2. Beautiful pictures. What’s the vertical slope like thing in the 2nd last pic?


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