The beauty of Cotswolds to behold, the Contents of Haggis Ne’er to be Told

Back from Cotswolds

Hah! That was Not how the day started**. Sunshine brightened my day and made everything beautiful.

Driving in England for the first time was a little stressful, as they have far more rules than I’m used to in India and Indonesia. I was committed, though, and a few minutes into the drive, guided by the efficient SatNav, I was well on my way into the beautiful countryside.

It was a Herculean task to keep my eyes on the road, when I wanted to admire the landscape. The sun shone fiercely, and an hour later, as I drove into Stow-on-the-wold, I wanted the drive to end fast! My plan was to drive as far as Northleach and work my way backwards to Bourton-on-the-water and Stow. However, I wasn’t able to go past Bourton-on-the-water because a) it looked so pretty, and b) how foolish I was being sitting in the car when I should be out walking in the sunshine.

The decision was rewarding – picture-postcard views of the riverside, charming honey-coloured cottages, tempting shopping. I had my fill of all.

I had to tear myself from this village to get going to the next stop at Northleach. Stopped there for lunch at the Wheatsheaf Inn and had a little walk around the village after that.

The village Painswick had stuck in my brain while reading the Lonely Planet, and with the few hours of sunshine left, I chose to drive there. But not before detouring into some farm roads and getting in a few pictures.

Cotswolds Cotswolds

Painswick was unique in its landscaping of the church of St Mary and the 99 yew trees that have legendary status, but mostly built in the same Cotswold stone that I am now in love with.

I couldn’t linger, thinking that there might be just enough time to enjoy a cup of tea at Stow, and started the drive back. This time, there was much less traffic, and a few good spots to park by the roadside to collect some evidence of the famed Cotswolds landscape.

Cotswolds Cotswolds

As it turned out, the photo ops ate into tea time, and I couldn’t stop any more.

Back into Warwick, it was time for the haggis dinner with Jamie and Denise. I had the veggie adaptation which was yummy, and Souvik overate as usual.

** It was the end of the day scene, just as I pulled into the Premier Inn car park.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Aarti…while you have written so well your pictures tell an independent story. Tell me how did you get the international driving licence? The next trip to UK, I feel like driving into the countryside too!


    • Geetanjali, my Indonesia license is valid in the UK for up to 1 year. I’m not sure about the India license. I had hired from Enterprise – you might want to check their website for license requirements. Else just apply for an IDP at your RTO. It takes a day or so and you get a permit for 1 year.


  2. Beautiful shots.. fell in love with the place 🙂


  3. I really like your pictures and totally agree that not only Bourton is beautiful, but the road to get there is a treat too.


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